Transcription Services


A Perfect Solution VA provides clean verbatim and verbatim transcription services that are perfect for just about any business need.  Because I am a solopreneur and work from an efficient home-based office with little overhead, my transcription services are very cost-effective.  My services are flexible to fit every transcription need.  

There are a wide variety of companies and individuals you can choose from when it comes to choosing a transcription company.  I provide transcription that is affordable, on time and accurate.  Each completed transcription goes through two levels of proofreading.     

I offer a personal touch that large transcription companies cannot offer.  I want each of my customers and clients to have the opportunity to get a good feeling of my quality transcription, of my customer service and fast turnaround time.   

You will know upfront how much your transcription project will cost.  I will provide you with a free transcript of 5 minutes of any audio file and your first transcription file will be discounted when you choose my transcription services.   

I never charge my clients more for services that they don’t need. You just tell me up-front what transcription services you need and you will know what your project will cost and when you can expect delivery of the completed transcript.  

Types of transcription services I provide include:


Academic Transcription:

Classroom lectures
Educational Institution
Research Interviews
PhD Dissertation Interviews

I have 20 years of academic transcription experience and have owned my own business for nine years.

I provide academic transcription services to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, professors and researchers in the global academic community.

I provide two types of academic transcription services.  The first type allows students to record long lectures instead of taking down detailed notes in an attempt not to miss anything important that is said during the lecture.  Just record the lecture, send me the audio file and I will return it and will even highlight the main points when you need them.

I have transcribed a broad range of interesting content for dissertation and thesis research fulfillment.  I transcribe academic interviews, focus group discussions, lectures and seminars. I will provide you with a confidentiality agreement and your data is secured and NEVER shared with anyone at any time.   I have transcribed for major universities, students of those universities and for smaller colleges and the students who attend those colleges.  

I will return the audio content to you as a well-written, accurate and high-quality Word document or as a PDF document.  I will format according to any formatting or style specifications you require. You can securely send me the files to be transcribed in any digital audio format and you will have the transcribed documents returned to you within the needed turnaround time and to your exact specifications.  The easiest way is to upload them into a secure Dropbox folder that no one other than you and I will have access to. I will email you an upload link.

When requested I am happy to include timestamps.  I can add timestamps to the transcript every 2 minutes at no extra charge.

Difficult Audio always requires extra time.  What do I mean by difficult audio?

I am also asked if I can provide a transcript with corrected grammar. The answer is yes, I can provide you with a clean, edited transcript with the correct grammar.  

I will be happy to provide you with a formal quote that will be good for 60 days.

Your transcripts will be Microsoft Word document, or when requested a PDF file.  I can either upload the completed transcript to Dropbox or send it by email as an attachment.

If you need verbatim transcription, I will transcribe everything that a person says and include the pauses, fillers, repeats, stutters, stammers, throat clearing, coughing, laughter, and details of interruptions.  Due to its detailed nature, verbatim transcription is often requested for academic transcription. Please do ask about any additional charges if you do need verbatim transcription.


Business Transcription:

Board meetings
Consumer forums
Corporate Report
Focus group
General meetings
Market Research
Panel Discussions
Press Releases
Technical reports
Telephone conversations
Trade shows

Conference Transcription

Whether you are a large or small business or a school or university, there is a great deal of important information given out during both academic and business conferences.

My experience includes transcribing the conference and providing for you a record of what exactly was said during your conference.  You will have this information to present at upcoming events or to refer to when creating special reports or even an eBook. Regardless of what your conference transcription needs may be, you can rely on my business to provide a precise written account of your conference.  

Conference Call Transcription:  A Conference Call is any audio transcribed from a telephone conversation between three or more people.  Please contact me for conference call transcription pricing.

Court and Legal Transcription: I work from an audio file that is furnished by an attorney or court reporter.  I am very accurate and because of the importance of legal transcription I do check and recheck my work before sending the completed transcript back to the court reporter or attorney.  I also have experience providing a transcript as ordered from the court. I provide legal transcription of court hearings and of depositions.  I understand just how vital and important every word of a deposition is.  Words spoken during a deposition can be a very important resource for an attorney and for their client.  I go to extra lengths to make sure each deposition project I work on is done as quickly and accurately as possible and at an affordable price.   

Dictation: I have transcribed dictation from attorneys, business owners, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, professors and much more.  Please contact me for pricing information.  

Insurance Transcription:  I have served professionals such as insurance companies, claim adjusters, insurance brokers, and attorneys, providing them with high accurate transcription of recorded statements, notes on investigation and probes, summary reports as well as theft and damage insurance.  We also provide insurance transcription for property and injury reports.



Radio and television broadcasts
Newspaper Reporters
Corporate Report
Focus group
General meetings

One-on-one Interviews: One-on-one interviews are the most common interviews. In this type of interview there are only two participants. There will be an interviewer and an interviewee, and normally they will sit face to face and communicate. More often there will be a question and answer session between the two.  There will be an interviewer and an interviewee, and normally they will sit face to face and communicate. More often there will be a question and answer session between the two. Job interviews, celebrity interviews, etc. are some of the one-on-one type of interviews.



Podcasts have become increasingly popular.  There are typically three types of podcasts.  I have experience transcribing all three.

Type One is one-person podcasting about an area of interest.  This could also be a host interviewing a single guest expert.

Type two is a host interviewing two guests.

Type three is a host with three or more guests.

Please contact me for pricing information and references.  

Seminar Transcription:

I have provided seminar transcription services for several large conferences and trade shows in the past.  My office is set up to quickly and efficiently turn your material around, so the transcript can be made available to your clients following your seminar.   

There are two basic types of seminars:


Single-Speaker Seminar:


Multi-Speaker Seminar:




For first time clients, I accept payment through PayPal.  

For repeat clients, I accept checks and payment by wire transfer in addition to payments through PayPal.


Frequently asked questions:


I am often asked about audio quality.  There are basically two types of quality: good and bad.   Good quality audio has little or no background noise and is clearly audible.  Bad or poor quality has static which is common with over the phone interviews.  


Do you offer a free trial?  I don’t offer a free trial, but I am always happy to transcribe a 5-minute sample, so you can see the quality of my work.


In what format will I receive the transcript?  Your completed transcript will be a Microsoft Word document.  I can either send the transcript back to you as an email attachment or put the transcript in your own Dropbox that only you and I will have access to.  If you need the transcript as a PDF file, all you need to do is request that.


What type formats can I accept?


I can accept the following: